(Open Source) As part of my day job, I often give tech workshops & talks. I made livetext to share code and other text snippets with my participants in real time. Code, links, quotes, images - basically anything that can be expressed with Markdown.

Days Until Baby

We recently got our first child (I love it! ☺️). For the pregnancy time, I created a baby countdown website. With Days Until Baby, now everyone can create their own personal countdown website. As website & app, to share with friends and family.

PowerPack for Google Slides

Jealous of PowerPoint productivity add-ons like think-cell and empower slides that are used by consultants and other professionals all around the world? PowerPack brings these features to Google Slides. Already over 50,000 installs.

Essential Munich

(Open Source) As some of my friends are moving to Munich (& Germany), I created a website with information around living here -