My Favorite Shortcuts for VS Code

Feb 2, 2024 06:30 · 165 words · 1 minute read

2024-02-02: This post is still work-in-progress.

General advice: You can access a list of all keyboard shortcuts via the “Preferences: Open Keyboard Shortcuts” menu (shortcut: +K, +S.


  • +Shift ⇧+P: Show all commands (and search through them)
  • F12: Go to Definition
  • +F5: Go to Next Change
    • Likewise, ++F5 lets you “Go to Previous Change”
  • +-: Go back (go to last cursor position)
    • Likewise, ++- lets you “Go forward (navigate to the next cursor position)”


  • ++← / → lets you un-expand/expand the selection (e.g. for selecting the whole word, the whole method…)


  • F2: Rename symbol (e.g. variable, class, method…)