Converting a Slack message to Markdown

Feb 7, 2022 08:48 · 128 words · 1 minute read

Sometimes, I want to export my Slack messages to Markdown after I have sent it (Markdown is easier to archive - e.g. I am writing Tech Digest posts that I want to re-publish every year). Problem: This does not easily work - although Slack’s formatting syntax is relatively similar to Markdown, it does not offer a way to copy the message as Markdown.

Solution: Paste to Markdown (Open Source on GitHub: euangoddard/clipboard2markdown) is an online service where you can paste to your Slack messages into - and receive it as Markdown. It is not perfect, as you have to manually tweak some things afterwards, e.g. line breaks, but it’s already pretty good!

Under the hood, it uses turndown (formerly to-markdown), a HTML-to-Markdown converter.

(via an issue on GitLab)