Windows: Adding programs to autostart

Aug 11, 2021 12:35 · 141 words · 1 minute read

Windows has an autostart folder per user - every file that is in this folder will be started when the user logs in. To open the folder, press “Windows-Key + R”, and then enter:


The explorer will open, with the autostart folder opened.

Now, an easy way to add a program to this folder is:

  1. Create a shortcut by right-clicking on the file and choosing “Send to → Desktop (create Shortcut)”
  2. Then moving the shortcut to the autostart folder

That’s it - now the file fill opened/started on the user’s login.

Extra: There exists a similar autostart folder that applies to all users - i.e. the files in this folder will be opened on log in for every user, not for just one specific user. You can access it with shell:common startup.

Learned this via the IONOS Digital Guide